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2016 Suggested Guidelines for Radiation Safety and Best Use

General Radiation Protection Guidelines

Justification Principle
  1. Only Expose patients to radiation if it is the only way to obtain the information you need.
  2. If the patient cannot cope with the procedure, do not expose the patient.
  3. Always try to obtain previous radiographs
Limitations Principle

Always try to keep the radiation burden for the patient as low as possible. (ALARA principle)

Optimization Principle

Always try to obtain the best quality image possible without forgetting the first two Principles. Remember the lowest possible exposure does not always result in best image information.


Factor You may wish to Consider in choosing Your Patient’s Radiographic Prescription

Area of Interest (AOI)
  1. Are there Previous Radiographs of Diagnostic Quality of the AOI that might help in choosing the most appropriate radiographic image?
  2. Does your (AOI) involve a Single area for Diagnostic Identification only or are there Multiple areas which require both Diagnostic and Treatment Planning information ?
  3. Does your (AOI) require Precise measurement of Size, Location, or Proximity to adjacent Anatomy?
  4. Are there Multiple Areas of Interest for Multiple Users involving Interdisciplinary Treatment which would allow sharing the radiographic information?
  5. Does your (AOI)’s require Multiple Views, Special Orientation, Serial Views or are there Multiple (AOI)’s which require Bimaxillary or TMJ views?
  6. Will you need Radiographic Interpretation of your areas of interest (AOI) or captured areas outside your (AOI) which may be less familiar to you diagnostically

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